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Our metals

Tubes d'acier

Steel is a versatile metal that has a wide variety of uses. Acier Drummond has a comprehensive range of raw steel products, wether you are looking for cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel or specialized raw steel products.

Tubes d'aluminium

Found in various industries and used for a large array of applications, aluminum is a long-lasting metal. It is light and malleable and is known for its thermal and electrical conductivity as well as its resistance to corrosion.

Acier inoxydable

Stainless steel is well suited for a variety of uses: food, medical, automotive, aerospace sectors and more.


Cast iron can be used for machinery, in engine blocks, to build gears, pipes and more. We offer two categories of cast iron: ductile cast iron which has great mechanical properties, and grey cast iron which can be easily molded, machined or welded.

Acier à outils

Tool steel is well-suited for tool manufacturing and part machining. It is used in tools and parts we use everyday. Drill bits, punching tools, woodworking tools, blades, molds: Tool steel is very versatile.