enfr 1-800-567-3828 Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM 1750 Janelle street, Drummondville, QC J2C 3E5
Multiple areas served
Centre-du-Quebec, Greater Montreal and more
Truck delivery
Anywhere in Quebec

Services and equipments

We have a variety of equipments

to meet all your needs!

• Three 5 ton overhead cranes

• A 10 ton double overhead crane

• A forklift with a lifting capacity of 8,000 pounds

• Two S-20 HYDMECH saws

• One S-23P HYDMECH saw

• One plasma cutter capable of cutting up to 6 inch thick metal

• One rebar bending bench

• Four flat bed trucks with a capacity of 33,000 pounds each

We also offer the following services:

• Truck delivery in a 160 kilometer range from Drummondville

• “Pay & go” counter

• Metal cutting service based on your plans

• Sheet and metal plate cutting (shear and oxygen cutting)

• Mechanical welding

• Galvanizing and surface plating